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The institute performs research in order to develop knowledge and technical solutions for prevention, protection and limitation of explosions (very fast burning reactions) generated by air-flammable substances mixtures...




Scientific and technological

Scientific and technological services focused on ensuring the occupational health and safety in the mining, extractive, processing, and manufacturing industries, training for risk assessment, occupational noxious...



Notified Body
NB 1809

covered by the European Directives: Directive 94/9/EC, Directive 93/15/EEC, Directive 89/686/EEC, Directive 2007/23/EC, Directive 2006/42/EC...


EO 32/2016, a new fiscal facility for applied research - development activities and/or experimental development

Taking into account the necessity to provide a fiscal treatment which to be favorable for the income from salaries and related to salaries by persons working in the research-development field, in order to attract, maintain and develop in Romania the highly skilled human resource for carrying out applied research-development activities and/or technological development, as well as for consolidating the research-development system in order to increase the Romanian competitiveness [...]

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National Institute for Research and Development in Mine Safety and Protection to Explosion – INSEMEX Petrosani was founded in 1949...


INCD INSEMEX - experience, professionalism, tradition


The measure of publicly recognized success of a company is given by the sum of its acheavements. Looking from this perspective is quite evident that one of the best institution that conducts research on occupational safety and health environments potentially explosive and / or toxic is INSEMEX.

INCD INSEMEX founded by GD. 1461/18.10.2006 legal person Romanian coordinated by the Ministry of Research and Innovation, performing research and analysis in the field of innovation specific activity, the institute brought recognition not only at regional or nationally but also internationally.

For us, human security is not only a technical responsability, is a duty of conscience. 


 bottom2  Notified Body
               NB 1809

      Directive 94/9/EC – ATEX

      Directive 89/686/EEC – PPE

      Directive 93/15/EEC -Explosives for civil use

      Directive 2013/29/UE – Pyrotechnic articles



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The full list of technical services offered by INCD INSEMEX may be accessed here. For more information or price quotation requests, please contact us.

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The National Institute for Research and Development in Mine Safety and Protection to Explosion – INSEMEX Petroșani

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